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Photography & Media

Standard Listing Photos

20 Photos

2 Edits

Ideal for social media posts and listings.

Premium Listing Photos

30 Photos

3 Edits

Great for classic cars and/or listing on more than one social media or website platforms.

Signature Listing Photos

50 Photos

Unlimited Edits

Perfect for high-end vehicles and/or listing on multiple social media and website platforms.

Standard Media Package

20 Photos

2 Edits

1min HD Video

All the necessary elements to give the listing an organized look after adding a well worded description.

Premium Media Package

30 Photos

3 Edits

2min HD Video

Create a well-rounded listing to increase buyer confidence and leave very little to be desired.

Signature Media Package

50 Photos

Unlimited Edits

3-5min UHD Video

Designed to make sure the vehicle looks its best and answers as many questions as possible for the buyer BEFORE they inquire.

Social Media Promo

Let us put your listing in front of the hundreds of thousands of viewers across our social media pages and dramatically reduce the potential time spent on the market.

Tailored packages are Available

A Travel Fee of $1.00 per mile is assessed for all travel beyond 20 miles.

50% + Travel Fee (if applicable) due immediately upon booking confirmation.

A $50.00 fee will be charged on any cancellation within 3 days of the shoot.

Additional services are available, including:

Valuation, Advertising, Copywriting, Negotiations, Documentation, Escrow, and Shipping.

If you'd like more information about booking a shoot or having your vehicle sold with us, call:


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